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AirPortr Review – No More Cases On Trains!

If you have even been on the train to the airport you’ll know what a pain it is to lug cases around! Trying to find space on the train/tube or going up and down stairs (especially during rush hour!) is horrendous! On our trip to Lake Como we decided to give a service called AirPortr (a luggage delivery service) a try. Check out our AirPortr review below…

What is AirPortr?

AirPortr is a luggage transfer service that will pick up your bags from your home, hotel, office or other address and check them onto your flight! Giving you the freedom to roam around and go to the airport without any luggage. It’s great for those needing to work and have meetings or for tourists who have a late flight but they have nowhere to store their luggage!

Booking our AirPortr review

Booking with AirPortr
Booking with AirPortr

Booking our collection was extremely simple. You simply select your airline, where your flying from and to, date your flying and then the number of bags you want collecting, you can then select a time slot you would like the bags collecting and the address. Depending on your location, amount of bags and time slot (you can choose either a 1 hour or 3 hour slot) the price varies from £30+ upwards. Based in outer London we paid £30 (normal price £40 however we had 25% off) for up to 3 bags and a collection the night before our flight between 6 – 9pm.

Currently they operate in London, Manchester & some surrounding areas you can see if they cover your area by looking at their map or by attempting to make a booking here. (Click pricing and coverage or book now.)

Checking in our bags at home

We booked our slot for 6 – 9pm and our driver showed up a little after 6. You can track your driver using the tracking link they send you so you can estimate yourself roughly what time the driver will arrive.

Upon arrival the driver verified our documents and asked us to confirm the flight we was on. Once this was done he sealed our bags with tamper proof seals and labels & wished us a pleasant flight… that was it!

AirPortr - Bags Ready To Go
Tamper proof seals on and ready to go!

Shortly after closing the door we received a text to confirm our bags had been collected and that they were on their way to processing. They then get scanned, weighed and checked into our flight.

AirPortr - Bags Packed Up
Bags picked up and on their way for processing!

The next morning we received a message to confirm our bags had been successfully checked in for our flight to Milan.

AirPortr - Bags Checked In
AirPortr – Bags Checked In

Arriving at the airport we had the comfort of knowing our cases were already checked in for our flight and we headed straight through security and then onto our Airport lounge. The bags arrived at Milan Milpensa Airport with no issues… piece of cake!

AirPortr review conclusion

I would highly recommend AirPortr if you travel to the airport by public transport as it made our trip so much more relaxing. It’s a breathe of fresh air travelling to the airport with just a small rucksack. With no need to queue up to check your bag you can go straight through to security and then relax in an airport lounge like we did! Prices start from £30 and can be booked on the AirPortr website. If you join using our referral link you will get 25% off your first booking & we will receive £20 off our next.

One Comment

  • Caz / InvisiblyMe

    I’d never heard of this before but it is SUCH a good idea! It’s fab for if you travel on public transport but also if you’re having to stay at a hotel or something before your travels, so you can just take a small bag with you without carting around all your luggage. Great review!
    Caz xx

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