Metal Amex Card UK
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How To Request A Metal Amex Card UK

As you may have seen the Amex Platinum card in the UK has had a little refresh. One of the new benefits/features is that you can finally request a metal amex card UK. Whilst it won’t change the value you get from your card it’s certainly a gimmick that a lot of people like… If you prefer a plastic card skip this for now or order yourself a plastic supplementary card in gold/green etc as eventually I would imagine all platinum cards will be metal in the UK.

How to get my Metal Amex Card UK

There are a few ways to request a metal card, you can do so by ringing American Express by the number on the back of your card, using online chat, requesting in your account online or simply waiting until your current card expires. As requesting in your online account is the easiest way we are going to focus on that!

Metal Amex Card UK
Metal Amex Card UK

Go to the American Express website. Login to your account and click on account management at the top, click the option for Order a replacement Card for damaged, lost, or stolen Cards. Click replace metal card and the follow the steps through to request your metal card. For shipping I had the option of Royal Mail 1st Class, Royal Special Delivery or DPD, all appear to be free and you can change to which one you prefer. As they all had the expectant delivery of one working day I stuck to 1st class. You can repeat this process for any supplementary card holders that have a platinum card too!

If you don’t see the option in your account for any reason you will have to chat to American Express. Either by the online chat or over the phone. However I believe marking your card as lost or damaged would also get you a metal amex card sent out!

Will you be requesting a metal amex card? Or do you prefer to stick to plastic?

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