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Booking A Hotel Day Room

Me and my partner have recently been in London quite frequently for various TV shows through Applause Store. The problem is for a lot of these free shows you need to attend early to get good tickets and then head back later in the evening for the show. Not wishing to go around London again and preferencing sleep over being a tourist after a long few days, a quick internet search led us to the concept of a hotel day room…

The idea behind a hotel day room is for hotels to try and compete with office providers such as Regus who rent offices on a day by day basis. However they have many great other uses including when you are at a loose end in London for many hours and in need of sleep (us!) or perhaps for a layover at airport to freshen up and take a sleep.

How does booking a Hotel Day Room work?

Rather than checking in for the night at 2/3pm you can choose a time period generally between 9am – 8pm for your stay. Some hotels offer a fixed stay period whereas others you have a more flexible choice with. After check in you will have access to the room and full hotels facilities e.g. swimming pool etc. You will also receive any status benefits if applicable, for example if you’re a Hilton Diamond member you will receive Lounge access with your day stay too!

Where can I book?

There are several sites I have used for searching for hotel day rooms and they include Day Use, Day Break Hotels, Hilton & Accor Hotels. With Hilton to find day rates make sure you choose the same check-in and check-out date. We was able to find a bargain rate of £32 for a 10am – 6pm stay with Mercure London Kensington Hotel in South Kensington only a few days before attending!

Have you ever booked a day room at a hotel?

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