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Points uncovered is a travel blog helping you travel the world for less! We focus on how you can earn points, how you can spend your points effectively and everything in between!

What are travel points?

These are points typically offered as part of a loyalty program offered by airlines, hotels and/or credit cards. You can then utilise these points for free or discounted flights, hotel stays and many other things! If you are new to collecting points take a look at our article on ‘what are travel points?’ here – https://pointsuncovered.com/earning-points/what-are-travel-points/

There are many different ways to earn points for different schemes but I mainly collect American Express Membership Reward Points, Marriott Bonvoy Points, Hilton Honors Points & Avios Points and as such this blog will focus on them, albeit not exclusively.

For example did you know credit card companies often run promotions for points. Typically spend X amount in X days and get a bonus of X amount of points. If you can reutilise spend that you would perhaps put on your debit card and pay your balance off in full every month, you will reap the benefits.

You can also earn points from taking consumer surveys, Reward For Thoughts is one of the largest sites. The payout isn’t the biggest per survey, 25 avios per short survey and 50 avios for a longer survey however you can sign up and collect 600 bonus avios points for completing your first survey. You may also find utilising time you’d otherwise spend doing nothing beneficial to reallocate to completing these surveys.

You’ll also find that many airlines/hotel groups offer an online portal where you can purchase goods, book cruises and car rental and amongst other things for bonus points.

This blog will cover my experiences with collecting and spending points and will hopefully open your eyes to the opportunities available to you. I hope you find this blog informative!

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