What happens to Avios points when you die?
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What happens to Avios points when you die?

A rather cheery subject but one that is important to discuss, particularly if you or a loved one has accumulated a lot of Avios points. As you can often easily get 1p+ per point worth of flights…you could be sitting on a lot of value! So what happens to your Avios points when you die?

What happens to your Avios points when you die?

You might think they would automatically get passed onto your family members or loved ones, right? Wrong, unfortunately! According to British Airway’s terms and conditions – https://www.britishairways.com/en-gb/executive-club/terms-and-conditions – clause 3.12.2. states Upon the death of a Member. Any Avios points, Tier Points and Lifetime Tier Points accumulated by that Member but unused at the time of death shall be cancelled.

Ouch! Right? Particularly if you’ve saved up thousands of pounds worth of Avios the last thing you want to do is forfeit them to BA!

Is there any way around this?

There are two slightly questionable routes around having your Avios points when you die just disappearing into thin air…

  1. You share your account details with whoever you would like to use your points upon your passing. They can then book flights using your points and there is no requirement for them to use a credit card in your name either.
  2. You set up a household account with those you want to share your Avios points with (they will need to share the same address as you.) They can then use your balance as well as their own to make bookings. You can read more about a household account here – https://www.britishairways.com/en-gb/executive-club/household-accounts

So don’t forget you may wish to ensure that someone has access to your account in case the worst happens! With it being possible to get around £10,000 worth of flights with 1 million Avios it’s not something you want to leave until it’s too late!

Have you made sure your loved ones can make use of your Avios points if the worst happens to you?

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