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How To Meet Your American Express Minimum Spend Target

So you’re thinking about signing up for an American Express card BUT you don’t know whether you will be able to meet the spend target for your card? You’ve heard that American Express cards aren’t accepted in many places so although you would normally meet the spend target through cash/debit/other credit cards you aren’t sure you can with American Express?

Below are some quick tips on how you may be able to reach your spend target with a little outside the box thinking and realising just because there is no Amex logo doesn’t mean you can’t pay with your American Express…

Timing your American Express application

Perhaps one the most important elements to consider depending on your income and typical spending pattern is when you apply. For example, If you spend hardly anything after Christmas consider waiting till when you might find it easier to put money through your American Express card. E.g. when booking a holiday, over the Christmas period or you know you have a large purchase coming up.


Business doesn’t have an American Express logo? Look for a PayPal logo! If you can pay via PayPal you can link your American Express card and have your purchases put through onto your Amex. Loads of places accept PayPal if they don’t accept American Express so it’s always worth asking!


Not the cheapest way to meet a spend target however it can be useful if you are really struggling to meet a spend target. You can pay any company that you can pay via BACS with your American Express card, including HMRC for tax bills! Billhop charge 2.95% of the total transaction amount as their fee.


Sometimes being the lead booker is worthwhile! If you have any trips (holidays, concerts etc) coming up with friends or family consider offering to book for everyone! Providing they all send you the money of course!

Similarly, if you are able to claim back work expenses considering switching the card you use to pay for them to your American Express card!

Gift Cards

If you know you are going to be spending money in a shop/business within the next few weeks after your spend target ends consider purchasing a gift card using sites such as Zeek, where you can purchase discounted gift cards from their marketplace using PayPal. You can also topup your Amazon account for any future purchases you may make.

Top up/Fill Up

If you use the tube a lot (or any other prepayment top up travel card) considering topping up more than you actually need for your journey to help push you over the finish line. You can load £50 onto an oyster, that’s £100 if you are feeling generous enough to top up your partners Oyster card too!

The same principle applies with petrol, if you are close to a spend target fill all your cars up to a full tank and potentially add another £50+ to your spend target!


Remember to never spend more than you normally would (e.g. on junk) just to meet a minimum spend target. Especially if you can’t pay your monthly statement in full when it comes. It will take away from any possible gain you would get from the points! It’s why I use my American Express cards like a debit card, paying off the balance in full every time.

If you would like to be referred to an American Express card for extra bonus points please email info(at)

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