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Why You Should Book Any Marriott Bonvoy Point Redemptions NOW

With the launch of Marriott’s newly rebranded loyalty programme, Marriott Bonvoy, comes some potentially negative benefits if you are looking to book a points redemption for this year.

Marriott Bonvoy has announced that starting in 2019 there will be two new changes to redemptions. Firstly a new category for hotels, category 8 & secondly the addition of on and off peak points pricing.

As you can see, depending on how on & off peak pricing is allocated you could lose out on thousands of points! If you book now however your stay will be honoured at booking price. Just make sure you don’t make any critical modifications to your booking. E.g. room type, dates etc. as that will count as a rebooking with new pricing! If your new points price is lower after the changes simply cancel and rebook.

Marriott Bonvoy Points Redemptions Book Now

Even if you are only thinking about staying somewhere using your points. You may as well book it and cover yourself, even with a few different dates and/or locations. The points saving could allow you to go away again if you’re savvy!

Don’t forget you can book a redemption stay even if you don’t have enough points currently! As long as you have the points at least 14 days before you go you’re good to go. Plus there is FREE CANCELLATION if closer to the time you realise you can’t or don’t want to go anymore!

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