Hilton Honors’ Point Calculator

As you may or may not know Hilton Honors’ doesn’t currently have a reward chart and hotel directory with hotel categories. This means you can’t quickly work out how many points you will need per night at a certain category of hotel like you can at Marriott.

Although Hilton Honors’ don’t currently have a reward chart available they are currently working to the old category prices, which limits what points hotels can charge. Please note these are the caps for STANDARD room redemptions, when there are only premium room redemptions available you may see much higher point prices!

Hello Hilton Honors’ Point Explorer

Hilton Honors' Point Explorer

With the new Hilton Honors’ points explorer – https://pointsexplorer.hiltonhonors.com/

You can enter how many points you have/are willing to spend a night and what location you are interested in. It will then return a list of hotels that meet your criteria.

Hotel List Hilton Honors' Point Explorer

The results also show both minimum and maximum points you will need for a redemption. Now some of the variations can be pretty huge! So if you know your dates you can click through and check the points required for your stay. You can also tick the flexible dates box so you can look around certain dates for the cheapest point stays! (also check the cash rate too because you might rather save the points if there is there a particularly cheap cash rate)

Remember if you’re a Hilton status member (silver or above) you will get 5 reward nights for the price of 4 so don’t forget to take that into consideration when looking for your stay!

Something interesting to note if you travel somewhere with resort fees, Hilton I believe is the only major chain not to charge them on point stays. This could save you a small fortune if travelling to places such as New York where some of the fees are becoming a bit silly.

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