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Earn More Avios with the British Airways Avios eStore

Looking for more ways to top up your Avios points? Did you know you can earn more avios with the British Airways Avios eStore? Think of it like popular cashback websites except you get Avios points rather than cash!

How can I earn more Avios with the BA eStore?

Similar to cashback websites you login into the British Airways Avios eStore and then click through to the retailer of your choice to collect Avios points on your purchase. When you head back to the BA Avios eStore you should see confirmation that the transaction has been successfully tracked. Be sure to check the T&Cs before purchasing as sometimes there are some exclusions or useful information as to how quickly you’ll receive your Avios.

Earn More Avios

Remember don’t spend through the eStore for the sake of it! Make sure you are getting the best deal. Not only in terms of cashback but remember other retailers that aren’t on the eStore may sell the product you want cheaper… even when you take into account the Avios you get!

How does it compare to other Cashback sites?

A lot depends on how much you value Avios points at! For this I am going to value them at 1p as I know I can achieve at least this value from them for myself. Here are a few examples…

Booking a hotel through Booking.com

At the time of writing this article the BA eStore has an offer of 8 Avios compared to the normal 4 per £1 spent. This is a return of between 4 – 8% depending on which offer you get.

On TopCashback the rate is 3% & Quidco is 4%. If you are collecting Avios an 8% return means you are paying only 0.5p an Avios compared to the 4% cashback. At well under my valuation of 1p a point I would choose the BA eStore here.

Purchasing books through Waterstones.com

On the BA eStore you will receive 4 Avios per £1 spent, a return of 4%.

On TopCashback the rate is 5.6% & Quidco is 4%. If you are collecting Avios a 4% return compared to the 5.6% return at TopCashback means you would be paying 1.4p an Avios point. As it’s over my valuation of 1p a point I would stick to TopCashback here!

As you can see it largely depends on which retailer you choose and which cashback site you go through (they also run offers at different times) as to where the best deal is. So ALWAYS shop around!

Remember you are basically exchanging cash for Avios when you through the BA eStore over another cashback website. Cash is a lot more flexible and not prone to devaluations like points can be. Always bare this in mind when deciding what offer to go with.

Earn more Avios with a rewards credit card

Don’t forget you can also use your rewards credit card to collect points/cashback on your purchase. This does not affect your Avios points/cashback received from other sites. A £1000 purchase would net you a further 1500 Avios on the British Airways Premium Card. Or 1000 Avios on the free British Airways Card.

If you aren’t already using a cashback website for your online shopping then using the BA eStore is a no-brainer if you want to collect more Avios points! Be sure to shop around and compare products prices as well as cashback rates from other sites! Don’t pay more for a few Avios (unless it mathematically works out as a good purchase rate!)

Do you use the BA eStore for your online purchases? New to collecting Avios? Don’t forget to check out our guide to fast track yourself to a cool 200,000 Avios Points – https://pointsuncovered.com/american-express/fast-track-yourself-to-2000000-avios-points/

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