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Do Avios Points Expire?

If you are collecting Avios Points to save up for a business class flight somewhere you maybe wondering if Avios Points Expire? After all you don’t want to lose your hard earned collection! Particularly as it’s easy to get more than 1p value per point! Below I’ll be looking at rules of Avios points (yes they can expire!) and suggesting a few ways to stop your points expiring!

When do Avios Points Expire?

Yes sadly they can expire! If you do not earn, spend, purchase or share at least one Avios every 36 months (3 years) they will expire.

How to prevent Avios Points Expiring?

Luckily even for the most casual collector it’s pretty easy to keep your points alive! You need to do one of the following at least every 3 years.

Collect Avios Points

  • Flying with BA or one of their partner airlines
  • Staying in a hotel or book a holiday through British Airways
  • Credit an Avis car rental
  • Transfer points from a Membership Reward American Express or spend on a British¬†Airways credit card. (Minimum 1,000 membership reward points. No minimum on the BA credit card.
  • Shop through the British Airways shopping portal
  • Tesco Clubcard, Heathrow Reward & TopCashback transfers.
  • Surveys from Reward For Thoughts

Spend Avios Points

  • Booking a reward flight with Avios or part pay with Avios
  • Upgrade your flight with Avios
  • Extras such as seat selection with Avios
  • Book a hotel or car rental with Avios
  • Buy on board with Avios

Purchase/Share Avios Points

You can also purchase or share Avios points to reset the 36 month period. (sharing resets it for the sender and receiver) BUT due to the cost/poor value of this I wouldn’t recommend it. Particularly with how easy it is to spend or collect Avios in other ways!

As you can see it’s relatively simple to keep your Avios alive! Just make sure you perform one of the actions above every 3 years and they’ll be yours for years to come!

If you are new to point collect check out how you can earn a cool 200,000 Avios quickly! (That’s enough for a 1st class flight!) –

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