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Can I transfer Avios points to a friend/family member?

If you have a large collection of Avios points you might think about transferring Avios points to a friend or family member to help them with their next getaway. The good news is you can transfer Avios points to a friend/family, read on to found out how!

Can I transfer Avios points for free?

Unfortunately the answer is most likely no! Unless you are a Gold member of BA’s Executive Club! If you are lucky enough to be a Gold member you can send a maximum of 27,000 Avios per person per year to individuals on your Friends & Family list. You can send a total of 162,000 Avios a year. You can read more on British Airway’s Sharing Avios Page.

Can I transfer Avios points if I pay?

Yes you can. You can send a maximum of 27,000 Avios per person per year to a total of 162,000 Avios a year. The snag is… it’s ludicrously expensive!

The current fees are:

1,000 to 6,000 – £25

7,000 to 12,000 – £65

13,000 to 18,000 – £100

19,000 to 24,000 – £140

25,000 to 27,000 – £175

You can read more on British Airway’s Sharing Avios Page.

Fortunately there are two other ways…

Make a booking for someone else

You can make a booking for ANYONE from your British Airway’s account using your Avios. All you need to know is there full name on their passport! The ‘taxes and fees’ can be paid using any credit card too… it doesn’t have to be yours! You can also choose which email address receives the flight confirmation details. The passport details, D.O.B etc. can be added by the person you booked for later on under Manage My Booking on the British Airways website.

If you are in a British Airways Household account the person you are booking for needs to be on your Family & Friends list. Once you put someone on there they can’t be removed for 6 months and there are limits to how many people you can have on there at any one time. (5 people)

Transfer Avios points using a Household account?

Another way around the cap/charge is to create a Household account. To do this you would need to change yours or the recipients address to the same address. This pools together both users Avios points BUT also allows anyone in the household to make a redemption for themselves or anyone else in the account. So don’t do this with anyone you don’t trust! When redeeming Avios are taken from each person’s balance as a percentage of the total household balance. There is no way around this or to change the amount coming from each account. Check out the British Airway’s Household Account Page here.

How do you share your Avios with friends and family? Do you trust them enough to be part of your household account? Or do you stick to booking for them or paying to send them Avios?

If you are new to Avios collecting be sure to take a look at our article on fast tracking yourself to 200,000 avios points.

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