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Up to £50 cashback with Amex Shop Small

To celebrate the reopening of shops up and down the country American Express have launched their Amex shop small initiative. Not only to help support independent shops but also give you up to £50 cashback on your purchases!

What is Amex Shop Small?

Usually a promotion in the run-up to Christmas, it’s to encourage you to shop in smaller independent stores over larger chains.

When is it?

It runs from 22 June to 13 September 2020.

How do I find stores taking part in Amex Shop Small?

You can use the map on Amex’s Shop Small website – – often you’ll see shops with an Amex Shop Small sticker in the window.

On the map you can search by business name or postcode/location to see what shops near you are taking part!

Please note in previous years this map hasn’t been 100% accurate. There are stores not on there that are taking part and stores that are that don’t even accept Amex!

It’s not restricted to shops selling physical products! You will find a selection of barbers, cafes & pubs amongst other stores taking part too. You may have to wait till towards the end of the offer to get a cheap round or haircut in! (if at all!)

How do I take part?

First of all, save the offer to your card (it will be under offers once you’ve logged into your account.) Starting from the 22nd June (next Monday) when you make a qualifying purchase of £10 or more at a shop that is taking part in shop small, you will receive a £5 credit within a few days of your transactions.

Key points

You can only make one transaction, per registered card, per shop. So if you only had your BA Amex registered you will would only receive the credit once per location.

If you have multiple cards and/or supplementary cards that are registered for the promotion you can use them in the same location you’ve used a different card in and get the credit.

You can use the offer at up to 10 different participating small businesses per registered card.

Don’t abuse the offer! For example, asking the merchant to split your bill into £10 chunks and paying with a different Amex card for each piece. Amex has been known to close the accounts of people who do this.

You needn’t worry about taking full advantage of this offer as it is fully funded by American Express, not the small business. You can read more about the promotion here –

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