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Food In Club Europe, What’s It Like?

Have you ever wondered what the food in club europe is like? (short-haul business class with British Airways) Maybe you’ve debated whether it’s worth the extra money or Avios points. Well look no further I have a menu example of what you may get on your flight (this was the offering on London Heathrow – Budapest & return.)


Club Europe Breakfast Menu

Rest of the day

Club Europe Rest Of Day Menu


Club Europe Drinks Menu

You have a range of soft drinks and hot drinks available as well as a small alcohol selection (which you can have of much of as you like!)

Dietary Requirements

Club Europe Gluten Free (the roll was like a rock but the rest was quite nice!)

If you have a dietary requirement you can request in advance for a special meal. The ones currently offered are Lacto-ovo-vegetarian, Vegan, vegetarian, Asian/Hindu vegetarian, Muslim, Kosher, Child meal, Baby meal, Diabetic, Gluten intolerant, Low calorie, Low fat, Low salt and Low lactose. More information on them here –

You however don’t get a choice/selection and have to make do with what you’re given. So if you don’t like fish or another common ingredient you might end up with a meal you won’t eat, so be prepared!

What food in Club Europe will I get?

If you are interested in working out exactly you will get on your flight, each destination is in different bands and has a slightly different offering. Check out this comprehensive thread on Flyertalk –

Are you a fan of the food in Club Europe?

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