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How to cancel Avios booking

Sometimes your plans change and you need to cancel an Avios booking, whether that’s due to finding a great cash fare, extending a holiday or an unexpected event! One of the great benefits of using Avios points for your flight is your flight is cancellable and refundable. Here is how to cancel an Avios booking…

How do I cancel Avios booking?

Login to your British Airways account and go to Manage Booking for your Avios flight. In the options at the bottom of the page is one for cancellation. If you don’t have this option you will need to ring British Airways Executive Club.

What does it cost?

The cancellation charge of the lower of either £35 or the taxes will apply. In the majority cases this will be £35 however one notable exception is:

Cancelling a one-way European flight, the taxes will be £17.50 in Economy or £25 in Business. (or lower if the taxes are lower)

Cancellations fees are per person and are per booking (so if you booked two one ways you’d have two cancellation fees to pay)

Any cash refund due (for example from the taxes and fees above £35 on a long-haul redemption) will be refunded to the payment card.

You will get all your Avios back

When can I cancel up to?

You have until 24 hours before your outbound flight to cancel. After this you cannot cancel either outbound or inbound flight without losing your Avios points. It is possible to change the date/time of your return leg as long as there is Avios availability and you are willing to pay the £35 change fee.

With this is mind if you feel you need to change/cancel one leg of your journey you maybe better off booking your trip as two one-way singles. This will give you up to 24 hours before each leg to cancel for a refund. You’ll pay a maximum of £17.50 for economy or £25 for business.

What happens if I have a 2-4-1 Voucher?

As long as you are cancelling the tickets at least 24 hours in advance you will receive ALL your Avios points back as well as your 2-4-1 voucher! The normal cancellation charge of the lower of either £35 or the taxes will apply for both tickets. Remember you can’t change the expiry date of the voucher, when it returns to your account it will have the same expiry date!

The 2-4-1 Voucher is a reward offered to users spending 10K+ a year on the British Airways American Express® Premium Plus Card or 20K+ a year on the British Airways American Express® Credit Card

Booking Avios redemptions is particularly attractive due to the generous cancellation policy. One example is if you want to secure flights whilst you wait for a sale to occur for a great cash rate. The cancellation policy of only losing a maximum £35 a ticket and getting all your Avios back up to 24 hours before flying allows you to look around for great deals!

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  • Rajiv Chitre

    Hotels were booked with Avios in Poland, and they have charged us full amount of room charges when holidays were cancelled by the airline and avios points

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