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Did You Know You Can Buy Amex Membership Reward Points?

Did you know you can actually buy Amex Membership Reward Points? Currently you can buy up to 10,000 a year at 1.5p each. It’s briefly mentioned on the American Express website here (see point 3) –

Why would I want to Buy Amex Membership Reward Points?

If you are looking to purchase points from your favourite airline or hotel brand to top up for a redemption, you may find the numbers add up.

For example buying 10,000 avios points from British Airways would cost £175, whereas buying the membership reward points would cost you £150, a £25 saving.

Or for a hotel example buying 30,000 points from Radisson Rewards would cost $210 (£163), whereas buying the membership reward points would cost you £150, a £13 saving.

From time to time loyalty programs sell their points at a discount so always check before purchasing, only purchase the membership reward points if they are going to be used for a redemption straight away.

Purchasing membership reward points also allows you to get round loyalty program’s annual caps on purchasing points, so worth considering if buying points for a redemption is cheaper than cash!

How do I buy?

Quite easily! Just give Amex a ring using the number on the back of your card or login to your online account and start an online chat. Ask to purchase some Membership reward points (up to 10,000 in 1,000 increments) Easy right? Well…

When I rung American Express the customer service agent was adamant it couldn’t be done, although after asking to be referred to a manager they were able to. I tried online chat and the agent was able to process the transaction straight away if I wanted so I would recommend the online chat for a hassle free experience or maybe I was just unlucky on the phone!

Have you bought Amex Membership Reward Points before? If so, how was your purchasing experience?

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