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50% bonus when buying Etihad Airways flight credit

Until the 24th June Etihad Airways are offering a 50% bonus top up when you buy a flight credit voucher from them.

How does the Etihad Airways flight credit work?

You can choose an amount from $250 up to $65,000, and they will add 50% to the value of your voucher for free. So, if you buy a voucher worth £1000, you’ll have £1,500 to spend on your next trip.

The value of your voucher will be added to a Travel Bank account, which you can use to pay for flights or extras for you or your friends and family.

You aren’t bogged down with a ton of restrictions either. You can book flights with promotional offers, seats and upgrades. It also covers taxes and charges AND you will still earn miles on your flight. It may make a business class trip that bit more affordable! The two main things to be aware of are

  1. Once the funds have reached your Travel Bank account, they cannot be refunded or transferred to another account.
  2. Vouchers are valid for a period of two years, for travel from 1 August 2020

Also, check our heading below – ‘Is it worth it?’

How do I purchase one?

Annoyingly you have to ring up! You can read more about the scheme and find your local contact number here –

Is it worth it?

That depends! If you plan on travelling with Etihad Airways within the next 2 years you could grab a bargain. Particularly as you will be able to use the voucher on any flights in any sales etc that the airline runs! Obviously you run the risk of flights being too expensive, the airline collapsing (though unlikely) or other reason that may stop you travelling within the 2 years. Remember cash is always king BUT you may find you can do well for yourself by purchasing a voucher.

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