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Have British Airways Elite Status? It’s FINALLY getting extended.

If you are a British Airways Elite status holder, you may well have given up on the idea of British Airways extending your elite status considering the majority of airlines done it a while ago! BUT better late than never BA have shown up to the party! They are now extending elite status by 12 months AND decreasing the number of tier points you will need to retain your membership for the following year by 25%.

Am I covered?

You can see the full details and FAQ here – – In summary, your current membership tier will be extended by 12 months, for memberships renewing between 8th July 2020 and 8th June 2021.

The extension will show in your account within the next 2 weeks.

How about the reduced tier points for British Airways Elite status?

The tier points required have been decreased by 25%. This means after your status extension you will be able to re-qualify in 2021 easier. If your flying habits are back to normal, of course!

What has changed?

Bronze – Normally 300 Tier points or 25 eligible flights. Now 225 Tier points or 18 eligible flights

Silver – Normally 600 Tier points or 50 eligible flights. Now 450 Tier points or 37 eligible flights

Gold – Normally 1,500 Tier points. Now 1125 Tier points

Gold Guest List – Normally 5,000 Tier points to upgrade & 3,000 Tier points to renew. Now 3,750 Tier points to upgrade to 2,250 Tier points to renew

Concord Room Card – Normally 5,000 Tier points to upgrade/renew. Now 3,750 Tier points to upgrade/renew

This applies to all membership years which expire up to the 8th July 2022.

For more details and FAQ, please check out the British Airways website here –

This means British Airways has now finally followed other airlines and extended elite status! The reduced tier points required to reach elite status in 2021 may also prove helpful reaching status that you might otherwise not achieve.

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