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Double Points on your Amex Platinum

For the next 3 months (until 20 July 2020) you will receive double points on spend on your Amex Platinum card. On day to day earning (excluding BA Premium card’s 2 for 1 voucher) this makes the Amex Platinum temporarily the most rewarding card in your wallet.

What about other American Express cards?

ONLY the Amex Platinum, International Currency Platinum card and Centurion card holders are eligible to receive double points. If you have any other American Express card you are out of luck unfortunately!

Does this apply to new sign-ups too?

There is nothing in the wording that suggests that this offer is only for existing customers BUT I would recommend clarifying with American Express before applying if you are interested in the double points.

If you haven’t had a personal membership reward earning Amex in the last 24 months you would net 43,000 membership reward points (equal to 43,000 Avios) by meeting the spending target and being referred by an existing user.

You can get a referral here –

How many points will I earn now?

2 Avios per £1

2 Virgin Flying Club miles per £1

4 Hilton Honors points per £1

3 Marriott Bonvoy points per £1

These are just the main ones we cover on Points Uncovered. American Express has a wide range of partners which you can exchange your points to. If you’d like to view all the Airlines and their conversion rate click here – – and to view all the Hotels and their conversion rate click here –

Is it worth getting an Amex Platinum if I haven’t got one already?

If you haven’t had a personal membership reward earning card in the last 24 months you may be tempted to sign-up to get the 43,000 membership reward points for hitting the spending target and being referred before cancelling for a pro-rata refund.

Remember however due to the current situation it may be difficult for you to spend money to meet the target AND a lot of the benefits that come with the card are travel related. e.g. the travel insurance and status with various hotel chains. Do you want to pay for benefits that you aren’t actually getting? Food for thought!

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